Does a shaker door profile only come in vinyl wrap or can it also be done in a laminate?

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Just wanted to ask a silly question..

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Mine were hand painted (professionally).

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I had wood grain vinyl wrap similar to shaker in my kitchen, the laundry and bathrooms were the same except not wood grain pattern. It had been there for 26 years when we sold and they were as good as the day they went in. I now have 2pac just for a change in the new home.

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Most shaker doors don’t come vinyl wrapped. They are 2 pack painted.

The vinyl wrapped ones peeled too easily so most companies don’t do them anymore.

And, not they don’t come laminated either.

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Thermolaminated is amazing quality and has come along way. In my opinion I would only ever pay for 2 pak if I wanted a custom colour otherwise it's just a waste of money in mu opinion.

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I’ve got 2 pack shaker in the kitchen and vinyl wrap shaker in the laundry and pantry to save some $$$. You would not be able to tell unless I told you. I wanted 2 pac in the kitchen because we have a steam oven and I was worried about the vinyl wrap being effected.

I don’t think a door with a profile can be laminate.

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I was told vinyl wrap & 2 pak were only options. No issues with my vinyl wrap.

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Kitchen designer here - my opinion is that 2pac chips and scratches too easily, which is why most of us still use vinyl. The old stuff peeled, but the technology has come a long way. Yes, 2pac can be repaired, but for the difference in cost and the fact most people will replace a kitchen in 15 years, I'd go with vinyl.

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Mine are 2 pak, so are professionally painted, beautiful finish.

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