I’d like to ask opinions on what would be expected on price difference between, Brand new build and 4 years old

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Both same location, very similar size, rooms and land. New has ducted air and bigger pool.

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Who built the houses? Eg volume builder vs custom builder?

What sort of energy efficiency do they have?

Do they have north facing living areas that aren’t covered up by an alfresco that blocks the winter sun?

What sort of finishes do they have inside? Eg melamine kitchens with laminate benchtop or 2 pak kitchen with stone benchtop?

Tiles vs real timber floors vs hybrid/laminate/vinyl plank floating floors?

Landscaping of block & pool area?

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It completely depends on what else is on the market in the area and the quality of each build. Not all new builds are built the same.

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Ducted air probably adds $10-12K. Pools don't actually add much at all, as many people prefer not to have one. The impact of age depends very much on how well the property was maintained. New can have unseen problems, so it's important to check what warranty applies. Also, does 'new' mean not quite finished and you get to choose paint colors and other finishes?

4 yr old is near new but has time for any problems to become visible or repaired, which can be a bonus. Some 4 yr old homes are as new or better than new, while others look second hand and might need a bit of sprucing up/a good clean. 4 yr old might have much more established gardens, or might have had time for that smart new landscaping job to deteriorate into a weed beds and stained concrete!

Then there is the simple question of competing buyers. If there are multiple buyers wanting one or the other property, it will be more expensive.

Ultimately, a lot comes down to personal preferences. If you particularly want a pool, it adds value. If you think you would be likely to install ducted air in the 4 yr old home, the new home is likely worth $10-12K more. If you love the idea that nobody has ever used fixtures and fittings, new is worth more. But if a 4 yr old is in as new condition, many folk will actually pay just as much or more for it as they would for an equivalent new home.

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