Help with my small kitchen.. It drives me mad

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For those that have a small kitchen, how do you fit everything in? My kitchen is like a small square almost. (About 4.5 x 5) with 2 doors opposite each other at the end of the longet sides. And not a lot of wall space due to a large window.

We need to fit oven (freestanding) dishwasher and ideally my larder fridge that is currently in a different room (as well as toaster, microwave etc) and still need surface space for prep work. Could you kind people please show me your layouts or offer small space tips and tricks?

I have a family of 5 and not a lot of cupboards for food/cookware either. It drives me mad and is always clutterd. 😵‍💫😖. This room is next on my DIY list.

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You could get rid of dishwasher and use the sink, that would free up quite a bit of space

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Microwave not on the surface. Get brackets, shelf, or built in

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Use the height of the room as well as the horizontal space

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I put all appliances apart from toaster and kettle away, even the air fryer gets put in cupboard, no room for a dishwasher so I don’t have one I’m the dishwasher :D

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Can you keep the fridge some ware else, we have an under counter fridge in the kitchen and a large double one in the conservatory, keep essentials in the under counter one and the rest further away.

This would also work with a counter top fridge

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My fridge is in an oven housing unit, fridge in lower part, microwave in the cupboard above, top cupboard all bakeware. It works really well

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Sideboard in dining room where cutlery tupperware casserole dishes etc kept under counter fridge in corner under counter freezer in shed x

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I wish my kitchen was as small as yours (mine is 3 x 2). I only have a single unit under the sink so I can have a dishwasher and a washing machine, that takes up one side of my kitchen. I just bought a sink with no draining board and have a plastic drip tray for when I need to wash anything by hand.

On the other side of the kitchen I have an under counter fridge, an under counter freezer, a small cupboard and my oven/hob.

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Take your measurements to somewhere like ikea for there free fitting session. It’s a godsend.

Look at taking wall units to the ceiling, a wall mounted oven can give you space to have a fitted microwave & a cupboard to store toasted in. Draws under your hob for pans. But honestly a planning session with any kitchen fitter is amazing

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Feet or metres, makes a big difference? Maybe do a little sketch with dimensions and locations of sockets, gas point/cooker socket positions etc

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I have a really small kitchen. I have my washing machine and freezer in a cupboard in the hall. This means I can't gave an undercounter fridge. I try to minimize what I have on the surfaces. I don't have room for a dishwasher. I remove the drainer when cooking, so the draining board becomes another surface.

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4.5x5 what? :oops: If that’s meters then a 22.5m2 kitchen is pretty sizeable imo with lots of options

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Mine was 4x3 in the lSst house and only a few cupboards due to washing machine/cooker in places. 2 cupboards were damp from outside walls so only had 1 big one with 2 shelves for pots/pans Pyrex etc. 1 for plates. 1 for tea coffee medicines etc and 3 drawers for cutlery, tea towels and a bits drawer. I got a separate thin cupboard for the dining room to use for tins, cereal and glasses/cups and an island which went in the corner to hold other items and had a worktop on the top so microwave could go there. After that it’s a case of really keeping on top of what you own. I got a unit for the side of the fridge to hold all spices and gravy etc too to free up space.

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You don't need an oven anymore. Everyone seems to prefer a Nunja 4000 Air fryer that will sit on a counter instead.

You just need space around it & above it.

This arrangement will give you extra space where the stand alone cooker would have been

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In my old house I had a tiny kitchen but added an IKEA butchers block with baskets underneath for an additional surface and storage

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