I've grown successful gardens but now want to try seeds early

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I'm in zone 7.

Can you all recommend resources on what I should be learning?

Do I need grow lights and heat?

Should I put it on the ground or on cement (I have a pad)?

Planning on the cheapest greenhouse, 5x7 or something close to that.

Thanks for any info you can give me!

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I bring a bunch of my stuff in every winter.

Grow lights are great. Highly recommend them.

I haven’t done seeds inside in winter.

But planning on trying and yes with grow lights.

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I’ve done plenty of starting in house. I do use a heat pad and grow lights. For getting a head start. And for microgreens.

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The back of your seed packet will tell you when to start and if indoor or outdoor. You just need to know your last frost date.

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I’ve never used “grow lights”. I have and do use 4’ shop lights. Been doing it for 20 years and works for me. I start in my house, then move to the greenhouse.

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You can purchase a Bluetooth thermometer for your GH. Then, you can know the temp out there and won’t have to guess.
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