I’m just starting to plan my greenhouse

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I’ve poked around and done some searching in the FORUM. I’m just starting to plan my greenhouse. I’ve wanted one for years!

I live in NW Missouri zone 5b. We’re building a new house and due to the slope of the land, I’ll have a 6-8 ft high exposed cement wall on the west.

The idea is to use it to build a lean-to greenhouse. It will have water and electrical ran to it.

I’m looking into heating options.

My husband is leaning towards a split system, connected to the one on the house side.

What kind of floor do I put in? I want to keep it warm enough in the winter that I can start seeds, keep houseplants, grow a few veg, etc.

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You might contact your County Extension office and see what the recommendations are for your area. Great resource and it's free.

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Well insulated and heated .Do you have a boiler in your new house?

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Have you thought about floor heat? Ran off water heater?

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The brick wall will hold heat also it you have rabbits placing their hutches in greenhouse in winter will raise the temperature inside also.
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