Has anyone used orange oil or boric acid to treat wood after termite damage? How often does it need to be repeated?

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My greenhouse recovery has been halted due to termite damage. The chemicals will negate an organic grower and cause me to avoid the soil in and possibly around the greenhouse.

My question is does anyone know how far the chemical will spread when sprayed inside and out?

How long until the soil is safe to grow food? Any other helpful advice?

Has anyone used orange oil or boric acid to treat wood after termite damage? How often does it need to be repeated?

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I’d ask the termite guys. They are the experts.
Jo ~

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That's a problem in my area too so I used metal so I wouldn't have to use chems.

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I have used boric acid , Rate of one pound per gallon , mixed with few drip dawn ( timbor trade name ) results, heard if you scorch wood with torch prevents them from eating, as does lead /oil based pant , some chemicals, don’t spread far , some needs to be metabolized.. good luck..

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I would contact a few companies as in your local cornell extension if at all possible, Environmental protection agency and look up the material data saftey sheet, those would be good places to start. Maybe even a local chemical company.

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some can be a lifetime.... However, if you research there are plants that can fix soils. it would be best to remove all contaminated soil and replace with fresh organic soil, compost made by your own organic plants and materials. which will be tough to find. since even animals recontaminated with hormones, antibiotics, etc. i would look into soil fixers for the quickest and best solutions.

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Did you have it professionally sprayed or did you do it yourself? Any and all chemicals provided by a company will have a material data safety sheet on file. That’ll have all the pertinent details.

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Ask for the material safety data sheet. They are supposed to supply it if asked. It’s the law. It will have all the information you need.
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