Does anyone grow edible mushrooms in a greenhouse or other space at home

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How good of results do you get? Are there resonable kits to buy?

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I've grown some of the mushroom kits in my kitchen. The inoculated sawdust kind that you soak in water and then they sprout. I don't see why it wouldn't work. If you are going to go DIY, probably the most important part is your growing medium and spores should really be sterile when you combine them. I was going to try the pre-sterilized sealed bags of substrate that you inject with spores, let the mycelium grow, and then when you want them to fruit you open the bag.

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Yes, I’ve used the boxed oyster kits you get from Amazon or the local garden store. I got two flushes from each, but they quickly become contaminated with mold unless you have a sterile grow tent. I toss the leftover medium in the garden. I’m experimenting with inoculating used coffee grounds and growing on that. Join one of the mushroom growing groups for helpful info on more in depth growing, like sterilizing & inoculating your own medium & setting up a growing space. It’s worth it to try a prepared kit to begin with just to see how it works. Pretty neat.

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I bought some Morrell spores last fall from a guy on marketplace.

I spread them under my trees that have a good composition of leaf litter. Can't wait till spring to see if I get any!
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