Is this whiteboard place stupid?

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So decided I'd like a giant whiteboard in the house to help me with daily tasks, mental health etc, but not sure where to put one.

If I was to paint the fridge freezer with blackboard paint would it look stupidly out of place?

Excuse the clutter, still trying to find home for everything, my old house was bigger


Post by Kara »

Just use dry wipe pens on the fridge door ? Wipe clean

Post by Cathy »

Why not just do the side by the door that way you can't see it much then..

Post by Debbie »

Just use chalk pens on the fridge :ugeek:

Post by Daniel »

You can buy a magnetic whiteboard that sticks to the fridge magnetically

Post by Ashleighh »

Get a magnetic board that will stick to the side of the fridge. That way you’ll see it when you go in. Hopefully you're not like me, write stuff down and forget that I have it written down :D

Post by Tracey »

i bought a white board from wilkos i think that justs ticks on the fridge by magnet and just write on it when i need to remember things

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