This is about my level of craftsmanship. But it’s actually kinda genius!

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What's your opinion?

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Stuff like this makes me feel stupid for bringing my own bag. Some people are doing their best to reduce plastics and others are making single use tents.

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Genius maybe but a huge waste of plastic. This was trending, maybe still is in the woods and parks around the country this last year. Lots of people camped in them, then left them there. So uncool.

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Maybe this is on their land. Who cares what people do on their own property.

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Lol I've actually wondered about this myself. Only I can't even maneuver Saran Wrap to cover a dish. I use too little or the entire time ends up invading the dish. So to save the planet I use glass containers.

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This is what I’m doing just on a smaller scale. I wrapped my tomato cages & placed over my new roses. Works great!

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I wanna know who had the foresight to grow four trees in a square.

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For all the people worried about the trash produced here, unless your greenhouse is made of glass, then those plastic panels are also going to be trash and they likely came wrapped in shrink wrap before you bought them.

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The real hack is suspending it, keeps out 99% of bugs and animals and if it's done right provides a comfortable bed. It only takes a minute with a razor to take it down and packs out in a small trash bag.
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