Is it better to have a potting table inside or outside the GH?

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My GH is in the box waiting... In the meantime I’m trying to research and plan setup. Is it better to have a potting table inside or outside the GH? I’m just thinking Louisiana spring can get real warm inside.

Maybe I’ll do both? Any thoughts or ideas appreciated!

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Put one on wheels. That way you can roll inside or outside depending on the weather and your need.

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Do both... Mine inside and its great. Played until 10 last night. I'm thinking of setting up small area outside too during spring and summer.

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I just do it in the greenhouse. I have a section of the shelves devoted to pots, dirt, seeds, etc. It doesn't take a lot of space if you stay organized.

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I would go with inside, if there's room. I didn't have one in my first greenhouse and ended up putting a folding table in there and man, did I ever use it! Planning on building one in my greenhouse by Feb when I'll need to start working in there again....

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Preference. My potting table is inside because I start my seeds in there in March. I'm in Ohio and there isn't anything warm outside at that time :lol:

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Mine is inside. I start seedlings in lage dec or early jan. When it gets really warm I don't use the greenhouse for much of anything and usually have to open all the windows. I'm in Oklahoma.
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