What do I need before February when I hope to start some plants?

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Help! my greenhouse is done, but I am a rookie! What do I need before February when I hope to start some plants? Starting out with annuals and a few vegetables..

Do you use seed or plugs? I hope to find a potting bench, etc..


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One of my favorite things about gardening is starting plants from seeds. There are so many more varieties available when you start your veggies from seeds. You'll need pots. It's better use of space to start your seeds in small pots and then transplant them into larger pots.

I start perennials in 4 inch pots by planting a lot of seeds in one pot. As they grow, I transplant them into their own pots. I put good potting soil in the bottom half of the pot and seed starting medium in the top. The seed starting stuff is light and great to get things germinated but doesn't have nutrients for good growth.

I think putting both in the pot gives me a bit more time for transplanting and saves a bit of money.

You might also need a light and timer to ensure your seedlings get enough for good growth. Many seeds need heat to germinate but then like it cooler to grow so my heat mat is smaller and I rotate trays on it but I've also gotten good germination without the heat mat.

Trays make it easier to move pots around. In the greenhouse, I use perforated trays with plastic covers. I cut up the slats on a vinyl window blind to make markers and have found that paint pens will last better than permanent markers.

No matter how many times I warn myself, I still start way too many seedlings than I can ever use. Good luck!

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I would recommend that you watch a few YouTube videos for topics you're interested in. Find what grows in your area and start slowly. Everything is an experiment. You will develop your own preferences.

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Nice clean build, you should be proud!

I have a large south window with benches, grow lights and a germination heating pad. Everything starts in controled condition inside, then it gets potted up, sometimes twice, then it goes to the greenhouse when temps are stable.

The great thing about a greenhouse is heat. The worst thing about a greenhouse is heat. Auto opening vents are a must and so is a thermostat controled fan. Heat by fossil fuel in the winter will be necesary if you want to grow in the winter.

I don't grow in the winter, too exspensive. Have fun!

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I worry the fan you have installed will not exhaust enough hot air when temps start climbing in the spring. The CFM of your fan should equal or be higher than your cubic footage inside your greenhouse for proper air exchange. Hopefully there are roof vents installed that cannot be seen in the picture, this will only add to the heat build up.

I would also add a fan or two inside the greenhouse to circulate air flow.

If you have not already gotten a 2 stage thermostat I would recommend for heating and cooling.

It's possible you may need a heater also, this depends on what you are growing and the plants cold tolerance. Heat mats will help drive healthy plants even with the ambient air temperature lowered.

If you don't have water supplied to the greenhouse I would recommend a resourvour to keep inside the greenhouse if your spigot cannot be used on freezing days.

A wireless thermometer will allow you to track your temperature while inside your home, preventing trips to the greenhouse to figure out the temperature.

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To start seeds you will need a heat mat and also I would recommend a thermostat for that mat. I would use the 1020 trays with inserts and get some sed starting mix (different than potting soil).

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Beautiful. My greenhouse is much smaller. But I decided to put my potting bench outside so as to not waste growing space. I use a heater set at 38 degrees. That is keeping my plants healthy and producing. I have grow lights on them too due to less winter sun hours. If you start seedlings in there and get freezing temps you will need some heat and lights. Good to know your outdoor growing season dates and start seedlings counting back from the last frost date. Include germination time too.

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There is a lot to know to be successful. You need electricity for heat mats. You will also need lights. I agree start reading and watching everything you can. There is a book I use for the germination called” flowers from seed to bloom”. Good luck on your venture!

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I start my seeds on heat mats with thermostats in small cells and then transplant to bigger pots. I have a misting system over head. I also buy plugs at a sale in the beg of march. Usually my geraniums, calibrachoas, Wave petunias, fuschia, etc. I use a calendar to write start dates on. I calculate start dates and write it on each seed packet. Sort by early to late. It’s my first year with a greenhouse. Good luck.

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Grab a good, basic gardening book. They are worth their weight in gold. Find one that goes through seed starting, propagation and IPM ( integrated pes management). Get to know your County Extension agents. They are a wonderful, often overlooked resource and it's free. (Master Gardener here, speaking from experience). You tube is helpful but the extension office has information specific to your area. We moved and I haven't replaced my GH yet but when I had one I always started my seeds in the house on heat cables and under grow lights. Nothing went out to the GH/cold frames until March but I am in zone 5a so it's cold here.

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Not sure what zone you're in but I follow my dad's schedule for the outdoor garden. Plant seeds in greenhouse on Easter, plant outside in garden Memorial Day weekend. Zone 6a here. If you want Mother's Day flowers, start them in February and get a thermostat-controlled heater! Good luck!!!
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