I'm curious how the folks in Oklahoma heat their greenhouse(s) in the winter?

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Good morning! I live in Oklahoma zone 7A. I'm curious how the folks in Oklahoma heat their greenhouse(s) in the winter? I've got tropical plants I need to house in my greenhouse once it's built. I have an avocado tree, and 9 pineapple plants. Of course I'll plant vegetables and fruits in the greenhouse, but my concern is how to keep the greenhouse warm for tropical plants.

I've enlisted a neighbor's son who owns an excavator, because the floor of the greenhouse will be 4 feet below the surface. My greenhouse will be built over the hole, steps put in. So I'm hoping the earth helps keep the greenhouse warm.

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I’m in Mississippi, zone 7b. I use two oil filled heaters in my 8x16 Yoderbilt greenhouse.

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Following, I'm in 6a and plan on building a greenhouse this spring/summer. Worried about the heat! I have heard of compost heating! I don't know if you're familiar or not.

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Pellet stove would be my suggestion, or maybe a hot tub.

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Im in zone 7b, OK. Currently we have 2 space heaters in our new greenhouse. It is staying 20 to 30 degrees warmer inside than outside. They have thermostats hi, lo, med. This greenhouse is way better at staying warmer than our previous 2 are. Its just south of our house and blocks some of the north wind. The other 2 arent blocked by anything.

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I live in Oklahoma in zone 6a. I have a radiant heater I bought at Ace Hardware. It works really well. I have a smaller one that is set to come on just in case.
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