Does anyone personally have a geothermal system for their greenhouse?

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I’ve got my plants moved and plastic sheeting up so my little heater can handle the area, but cold snap down to 15 a few weeks ago I was in a different spot. Took 4” pvc and a bit of flexible dryer vent hose and ran a line from my basement to the greenhouse. Small inline fan and go- basement dropped from 55 to 40, greenhouse never dropped below 38. It took a few days for the heat to recover- so not a solution for a long period. I suspect a deeply buried line would operate 2-3x more efficiently.

I’m guessing geothermal fields need to be really large? Tenth acre for 200 sq ft even worth considering? My plants are very much alive and healthy so there is something to this.

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Think about a poop loop. 4 inch drain pipe for air or a water loop, stack an 18 foot loop and cover with orgainic stuff, poop and sawdust, tree trimings that have been ground under a 1.5 inch screen, something that will compost. Good for heat for over a year.

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Definitely worth the time to do. Depending on your zone will dictate how deep you should go. And the other comments are correct, how well insulated you greenhouse is, determines the impact of the geothermal. I went 6 feet deep with a very limited area and am impressed with the results. Again, the heat retention of the greenhouse is a main factor.


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Needs to be combined with a properly insulated GH with plenty of R-value with thermal batteries mostly s special GH double or triple layer at least you need to catch all the heat you can.

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Our house has geothermal. The lines are deep and lengthy. I’m not sure how 1/10 of an acre would work.
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