Has anyone grown mushrooms for culinary purposes?

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waiting for you..

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Yes, in my garage. Growing inoculated bags one at a time of various types; couldn't be simpler. I've heard of people getting 4lbs of mushrooms from 1.5lb kits if they do multiple flushes, feed, and remix, so as a hobbyist milking it for every last drop, I'm optimistic.

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I got one of those oyster mushroom kits from amazon & grew two flushes. It was fast & extremely easy. I dried & powdered the mushrooms to use in cooking.

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Yes. We've been growing shiitake on oak logs for years, what we don't eat fresh we dehydrate. Field and Forrest has alot of variety.

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Have not yet but I plan to put sections all over our greenhouse raised beds with different mushroom media and mycelium so I can grow a few different types. I’m waiting until we finish our beds a little more before I start buying what I’ll need to do so, however.

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My daughter does...in her closet! She repurposed her boot dryer to heat her small grow tent and has a humidifier going in there as well. That's all I know but she says they turn out great!

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Got Phoenix oyster and Lion’s Mane in the greenhouse now… and the remnants of cream of mushroom soup in the fridge.

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I talked to some growers at a nursery open house near me. They claim that specialty mushrooms are a cash crop. I also saw some specialty mushroom growers at a farmers market in Utah and some were selling for $20+ per lb!
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