Is there something I can do ? Or am I gonna have the same issue with any hotel?

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Hello everyone, My 17 year old daughter arrives in Miami at 12:45 am and her next flight is at 10:30 am.

I tried to make a hotel reservation for her at at the airport hotel and they said under no circumstances they would allow a 17 year old. Is there something I can do ? Or am I gonna have the same issue with any hotel?

Post by Kimberly »

Does the hotel have remote check in with their app? You never have to go to the front desk, can pick your room and use your phone for the key…. Otherwise, truthfully it’s not that long of a wait if you think about going to the room, then being back in the airport and having to go through security and everything again.

Post by Renee »

Can you get her into a lounge at the airport?

Post by Amy »

Remote check in for sure. They won’t know.

Post by Jill »

Best western allows under aged but may need to be 18.

I had this issue when my daughter went to boarding school… remote keys! Hilton uses them.

Post by Joan »

Maybe the airline will have some ideas? I'd check with them…

Post by Christina »

I just stayed at Tru by Hilton Blue Lagoon for a similar flight situation and didn’t need to go the front desk. They have a shuttle but it’s not 24hr. Most hotels won’t allow anyone under 18 to stay without an adult but have her download the hotel app and check in and out and use digital key.

Post by Mary »

Every hotel has a minimum age limit for most it is 18 and some even higher. It is a liability since a minor cannot legally enter into the contract.

Post by Julie »

Many hotels won’t allow minors without an adult. But I’m sure there may be some exceptions. You’d have to call individually and ask though.

Post by Miriam »

I had that issue occasionally with our daughter flying back to college in blizzards! Just called and explained; they waived the rule.

Post by Charice »

18 at comfort suites but I just called the manager direct and they put a note on the reservation. Just seemed to want a credit card.
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