Anybody been successful at getting tickets for a futbol match?

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My son has been a Tottenham Spurs fans for more than 1/2 his life. His biggest bucket list item is to see them play in England. He graduates from college in December, so we have flights for February.

He would like to see them play Man City 2/5.

I've tried their website & it won't allow me to join their ticket program, I'm guessing it's because we're not in Europe.

I've emailed them & gotten no helpful response.

Does anybody have some tips?

Anybody been successful at getting tickets for a futbol match?

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We got tickets when we went in 2019 through a Tottenham Hotspur fan group (not sure which one). Someone was selling their tickets. Might be a bit more risky because people can be sketchy, but it worked for us! Good luck!

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Send an email to one of the club executives if you can find a name. I did that a few years ago, with Arsenal and received a great position ticket…. I did have to pay for it…

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Have you joined as a supporter? Also Man City will be a very hard ticket to get. You may want to shoot for another game.

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You’ll need be a member of the Tottenham supporters club, and even then, it may be hard to get tickets. There’s a tiered system and a huge game against city won’t be good odds. Another option as mentioned is joining the city supporters club but that’s also not a guarantee.

I’ve had success on the secondary market with the website livefootballtickets[.]com/ so I would look there.
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