What I can use to remove silicone sealant?

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Hi guy's.. does anyone know what you can use to remove silicone sealant, we have just had a new black composite door and there is a couple of silicone smears on it, I'm worried about using anything to harsh incase it damages the door.

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We always a cream cleaner like jif

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You can get sealant remover from screwfix. About a fever. Good stuff

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Post a picture if you can. You cannot use anything abrasive or cleaning chemicals on GRP skinned comp doors!!

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My hubby is a window fitter. He says wd40 or just rub hard with your finger!

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The Company who fitted the door should come and remove it for you :arrow:

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Blade and wd40 removed it from my bathroom as was everywhere. Tried everything and only thing that worked was wd40 and a scrapper came off like butter. Without the wd40 it was a nightmare

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Rub hard with thumb, once it warms up it will just peel off, especially if it is just a couple of smears.

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