Does Europe (specifically Italy and Greece) still shut down for a month-long holiday in August?

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please help..

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Depends on where you are going in Italy.

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I think that is old tradition in Paris, but not now.

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I’ve been to Greece in august and nothing was shut down.

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In August, it isn't the shutdown you should worry about; it's the relentless heat.

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I love that there’s no consensus. Some yes. Some no. Everyone fairly confident in their answers.

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Italy shuts down in the sense that locals go to the beach and take vacation. On the plus side- everything is open! On the minus side- Italy is hotter than the surface of the sun and the "air conditioning" blows hot humid air.

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it depends what you mean by shut down. If you are asking about restaurants, hotels and tour companies then No, they are not because this is when they make a lot of money since it is high season. If you are asking about companies in other industries outside tourism it depends on the company. Most of them shut down at least 2 weeks in august.

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For italy, everyone guess to the seaside— so land cities yes, sea and lake towns no! Some mountain towns also get a fair amount of Italian tourism, since it's cool and cheaper than going to the sea or lake, but all other cities will get pretty quiet.

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This is mostly a French thing, and most of Paris tends to be quiet at that time. Some of the other cities, too.
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