I'm going to purchase two one way tickets instead round trip. From USA to Germany. And back

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It is cheaper and it is more convenient.

Is there any downside to it?

I have never done it but it looks like only economical and convenient option (layover is only 5 hours instead +10) and its much cheaper!

Post by Diane »

I always book one ways. When visiting different areas / cities, who wants to round all the way back to your origin city for no reason?

Post by Steve »

When I go LHR to the USA I just book the return flight from a different airport, so may fly into SFO but out of LAX, all on same booking:-) (Virgin Atlantic & B.A)

Post by Shannon »

I do this often as I change flights last minute. No real downside as it allows you to be a bit more flexible.

Post by Janice »

I always do open jaw. No savings one way or other. I just don’t want to have to strap myself down to having to return from the same city into which I fly.

Post by Jeff »

The only issue I had once was a typo in my wife’s name that i did on 2 different reservations and didn’t catch it right away. Had to pay two change fees. Obviously that was my fault. Trip worked out just fine for us.

Post by Joyce »

If the price makes sense, just do it! Really are no downsides and it's fun to leave from different countries and explore more. I tend to use public transit vs. rental cars, but if your trip is best served with a rental, be mindful of a drop-off fee at a different airport.

Post by Amanda »

Should the outbound flight be delayed or cancelled and the rebooking is days later (or not at all), you have no recourse with the return flight unless you have insurance.

Post by Susan »

The only downside I ever have isn't much of one - sometimes airlines will "stop" you so they can verify you have a departure ticket within the timeframe for visa waiver or your visa. That can prevent online check-in which I can almost never do for international flights anyhow from my airport - but it's really not a big thing.

I have been stopped at international connections for this as well - but to Asia not to Europe.

Sometimes I don't have a return trip even booked - but I am always prepared to hit "book" on a refundable or changeable one if asked.

Post by Sam »

we just did it one way to Italy and one way back home from Greece you will have to prove your return flight and any connecting flights from different countries.
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