Any recommended elephant sanctuary’s in Thailand Chiang Mai?

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Help, please..

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Yes, Elephant Nature Park! They have one called Karen Serenity, which we did but they all should be similar.

The elephants lead the way without human interference. If they decide to have a mudbath, then they will have a mudbath, if they decide to scratch their backs or go into the jungle, follow them.

They will give you an approximate itinerary but if the elephants have a change of plan it's because they follow their instincts and it is just amazingly beautiful!

Don't go to the Jungle sanctuary as it really isn't a sanctuary at all...

Always watch out for companies that call themselves "sanctuary".

But the best bet is the elephant nature park, no question!

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Elephant freedom village - they were brilliant. You can stay overnight in a homestay too (which I would highly recommend).

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Elephant Nature Park..
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