Currently in Vietnam with a 30 day visa, but I’m leaving for Cambodia and Thailand in 6 days

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My visa expires on January 8, but I’m planning to fly back into Hoi An on the 2nd and have a flight back to Canada from Hanoi on the 10th.

So, I need to stay longer than my 30 day visa and manage a re-entry back into Vietnam. Does anyone know if I can just apply for an extension or if I need another visa as I’m re-entering? I’m SUPER confused as to how to go about this.

Hoping someone can help me with this as I haven’t gotten any concrete answers from the airport or my hostel!

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If you leave Vietnam and want to re-enter, you will need a second eVisa regardless of the amount of time you may have remaining on your initial visa - it’s single entry at this point. No extensions, modifications, etc. Apply online for a second eVisa with a commencement date of January 2.

(making an assumption you are not from an exemption country)
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