I was wondering though, in regard to travelling around southern Thailand and the islands How it all works?

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Hey guys! I am going away to sea for 2 months and haven’t booked or really planned anything as hoping to play everything as it comes.

I was wondering though, in regard to travelling around southern Thailand and the islands how it all works. like, which islands are worth a visit, is it easy to get to and fro via boat, where do I go to get boats to places like koh samui on the east coast and phuket on the west for example?

Also is there much accommodation on the islands and any tips for that region.

Lots of love..

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Hey! I’m currently in Koh Tao at the minute and hadn’t really planned anything or looked much up about travel/accommodation just knew which islands I wanted to visit from recommendations from friends! Koh Tao, albeit I’ve been here for less than 2 hours is amazing!

I’ve been to koh Phangan also which was okay but definitely just a party island if that’s what you’re into! Hostels are on every corner pretty much, and if you look at Hostelworld, they have great prices and info on the hostels and you can book the same day for most! Hostel receptions are also really helpful for getting info on how to get about and booking taxis/boats too! Hope this helps

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Excuse me but this is a little bit lazy - If you need help you need to be more specific and do just a little bit of Googling. Basically you can order everything online or go to a travel agency. Type in Google from here too there or just have the hostel/hotel fix it. It’s pretty easy. Thailand is in my opinion cool almost everywhere, but depends on preference.
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