Help me tile my floors/ walls?

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Everything I will possibly need to help me tile my floors/ walls?

What equipment do I need?

I am very aware as a first timer it could go wrong but trying to save myself some money where possible.

Thanks 😅😂

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I wouldn’t know but go on YouTube as you’ll have instruction videos :mrgreen:

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I would hire a tile cutter. If you are doing a floor it depends where. If it on floor boards you will need to cover with marine plywood first and you may need a waterproof barrier. Smaller tiles are easier for beginners. The grouting is easier with correct tools and you need different grout for different areas. Always clean tiles well after grouting with water. If it dries it is very hard to get off. You tube is great for help. I have done walls and floors plus fire place. No training. But lots of planning first good luck

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Once you've factored in cost of all the equipment you may only get one use out of its probably better to use a professional who already has those tools at their disposal. If you still go ahead with DIY route then to save yourself some money maybe rent some of the equipment rather than purchase it unless you've got more tiling projects coming up .

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We’ve tiled ourselves in the past - tile cutter but if you ask in the tile shop they’ll be helpful .

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