Which do you prefer on sleeper buses/trains - upper or lower beth?

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what do you think?

Post by Chloe »

lower is more expensive, has windows for views, less cold.

Post by Katie »

I tend to prefer upper as I feel less ‘exposed’ whilst sleeping.

For the sleeper train in Vietnam, I picked the upper bunk in a 4 bed room. People were going in and out for the toilet and getting on/off stops so the lock on the door wasn’t used and it was constantly sliding open every time the train slowed down (though you only get one small pull-out step to get onto the top bunk so you have to be able to pull yourself up).

Some people pick the lower bunks on sleeper buses as they feel less exposed there, as the top bunks are shoulder height so people walking past can see you, but I’ve found a lot of people get on the buses and sit in the aisles so they’re basically right next to your bed.

That’s just my take because, above all else, I need a bit of privacy to sleep. But if that’s no bother to you then maybe lower bunk as most people tend to say you feel less of the motion of the bus/train.

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I prefer upper. Feels safer and more private. Mind you I find it absolutely impossible to sleep on transit of any type (even planes) regardless because of the noise and being around strangers. So, I don’t do sleeper transit unless there is no alternative.

Post by Cassy »

Lower berth in train is a bit bigger.
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