For those on extended backpacking trips, how often do you usually move from place to place?

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Thanks in advance, boys..

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Depends how much you enjoy it, I went to Langkawi for 3 days and got stuck there for a month :lol:

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I’d say it depends on the country and what you want to do there. In Thailand, I tended to stay in one city for 3-5 days and take day tours to the surrounding areas. I spent a week in Bangkok and a week in Pai.

Laos was also 3-5 days as it was so chill there; probably would have spent more time in each place but I used up 10 days in Luang Prabang as there was a week-long festival going on.

I spent 2-3 days in each place in Vietnam as I felt like there was soooo much I wanted to do and see.

And Cambodia I’ve been doing the same as Vietnam, but I’ve planned a big rest stop by the beaches (2 weeks, with a bit of island hopping)

Also bear in mind that my first day is mostly used up by the travel getting there, so a 2 night stay will typically be a long bus ride getting there, stay the night, one full day of sightseeing, and then travelling off the next day. Can be hard work after a long time.

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I usually book 3 nights so that I have 2 full days, then decide if I want to extend my stay once I’m there. Unless there is something happening (eg. A festival or national holiday) that means a place is booking out everywhere, then I might book longer from the beginning. I don’t like moving around any quicker than that (unless just transiting) because it gets exhausting pretty quickly. I did a tour once that gave us two nights at most in a place, which meant we were stuck on a bus every other day for at least 5 hours, sometimes 8. Felt like I spent more time seeing the bus than the country I was in...

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We would mainly do every 3 nights depending on where we were. Rather get somewhere and decide to extend instead of booking a big chunk and regretting it.

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Depends on what there is to do and see. Town/cities about 3 nights max in most. Every now and then a few days doing nothing hopefully at a beach/lake.

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Between 3 and 5 night by place, sometime more. Under that its a bit exausting after a couple of weeks. There's no good answer, go at your own pace!

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Anywhere between 3-7days. For us it just depends on the things to do/see too. Or sometimes we just like to have a couple of reset days of complete rest! We’ve been on the go since Feb this year.

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Everyone will be different..

Some will chill and go with flow, see or do things without any kind of timeline ..

Others will be on the go constantly to cram asmuch into their experience...

Ultimately, it's your time, your journey, your own unique experience ( s)..

So I suggest that you just go at a pace that suits you and make some happy memories...
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