I’m currently in Vientiane and looking to take the long bus ride to Hanoi on Sunday the 11th

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I'm wondering if anybody else is going as well?

I’ve read that it’s a difficult journey to take by yourself so if any other travellers want to go together please lemme know! and if you’re going a day earlier or later I'm flexible with my plans, I haven’t booked the ticket yet and would rather travel with somebody if possible.

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I’m not there but please post a follow up of how it goes. I’m wondering whether to take that bus journey or just fly but for some reason flights between Vientiane and Hanoi seem way more expensive than other, similar short flights around SE Asia…

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There's almost guaranteed to be some backpackers on the buses to Hanoi, book the bus at a hostel and befriend the other backpackers taking the same bus. It's a long journey, the buses are reasonably good though, just no English information on what to do at the border but it's simple enough. You'll be right. Worth doing for the experience over the insanely high flight prices to Hanoi

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I did this journey about a month ago and whilst it obviously wasn’t my favourite thing, I’ve done it definitely wasn’t as bad as I’d expected it to be so I hope that makes you feel a little better.

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Me and my partner at doing it tomorrow if you did want people to be with!
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