What does SEO on a Wix site look like?

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Hey guys, I've got a question for you all who aren't Wordpress purist.

What does SEO on a Wix site look like? I've got a potential client that is extremely unwilling for a website rebuild, but wants SEO services.

The work around to this, is to use Yoast or Rank Math to kind of pre-check my onpage work and then just publish the Yoast approved content to the Wix site.


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I mean, unless the site is extremely competitive niche. you should be fine - You also DO NOT Need Yoast or RankMath for SEO to work - it is merely a tool to help you see what is applied and what is isn't - suggestive edits.

You can edit the site with the right Htags, alt text, good content, speed and relevant interlinking throughout the site and will see the same results.

Wix is just limited. I am SEOing a massive company right now with a million keywords on a Squarespace - 50% ecom revenue from SEO... but we're still moving them to Wordpress for their 2.0 website in January!

Go wild, sell that SEO package and keep that client on WIX until they agree to switch

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Wix is must better than it for SEO, for best you can with your H1-H6 etc then internal linking then get links it will help loads.

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Wix doesn't have a Yoast or RankMath, it's all built in. Their templates are kind of meh but content on it can rank.

I helped a small podcast rank. It wouldn't be a good platform to scale on but for a small site, sure.

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I've put a few into 1-3 positions over the years.

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Although we have 100+ clients on WordPress. We also have half a dozen on Wix. Works very well. In the main speed is sorted. Just normal on page SEO and it will rank.

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In some hard niches I might add honestly.
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