What could be happening when you’re on position 1 but has zero clicks?

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Hello SEO PROs.. waiting for you..

Post by Lori »

What they see is of no interest or there is no search volume. Or possibly you set up tracking wrong.

Post by Kyle »

Are you there 100% of the time? If you're at #1 organic and is not a featured snippet (which greatly reduced ctr) I'd probably run it through Cora's volatility tool to see how often I'm showing up on that position.

Post by Mike »

You are not really on position one. Position one is a featured snippet that gives people the answer they want. There are zero searches for that query. You are ranking for a popular brand name and people want the actual brand website.

Just a few possibilities.

Post by Jacob »

keyword has low monthly search volume, maybe even 0. Or you're looking at customized results, be sure to use a incognito window.

Post by Sirbright »

You prolly might have ranked for a keyword with low click per search.

Post by Igor »

If you are seeing it in GSC or any other 3rd party tool you could be ONE of the option in the people also ask dropdown. I ve seen it a bunch of times.

Post by Rhen »

No volume, seasonal volume, you are satisfying the searcher without the need for a click, featured snippets are winning the click over you, etc.

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If you're getting the data from Sesrch console it could be that it's your Google Business Profile ranking in position one but getting no clicks. You should also look at how many impressions the keyword has.

Post by Carl »

Just out of interest what is the keyword you're ranking for. We could then check monthly searches for you?

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If you're seeing your self as a featured snippet for this query add nosnippet meta data to your page and you should see traffic rise, else wise this keyword might just have little to no search volume.

Post by Matthew »

Low volume.
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