I have a local Cleaning business, domain is over 3 years old but DR is 3.9 and I have 79 backlinks

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What can I do to improve this? Building backlinks is hard mainly because I'm clueless on how or where to do this.

Checked out Fiverr but apprehensive if there genuine or not.

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Get a back link from the local Chamber of Commerce. Seems to work for local businesses SEO strategy.

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Don't buy backlinks. Even if you manage to buy "good" backlinks:
  1. Last two updates made it clear those sites will be penalized.
  2. Most of those backlinks are from spammy sites with good DR but it won't help a lot.
Build content.

Write or have someone to write.

Cover topics so that you have additional content around the main article to answer all the questions people ask.

Check Core Web Vitals.

Internal Linking. Stay away from clickbait and be more beneficial towards users and the search intent.

Use tools for content optimization (Robinize, SurferSEO, Frase..) and keyword tracking tools to understand what you need to do to outrank the competitors.

Learn. Measure. Learn some more.

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Never buy Fiverr links. they are just spammy.

Build citations links, guest posts, high authority links.

For genuine White Hat Link Building in cheap price, inbox.

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I’d start by paying for local citations, social media profiles, and grab reviews/comments for them. Then from there fiverr link the social media profiles.

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Not that dr has a whole lot of value but if your reputation is still that low your site is terrible. You can do absolutely nothing for SEO and do much much better than that.

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Focus on content, On Page optimization and GMB optimization but still if you need backlinks try to get Guest Posts or niche edits from local sites.

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Don't do SEO by backlinks if you are getting clients from your local area. Just do Local SEO by GMB, relavant Schema Mark up and social media marketing. If backlink goes in wrong direction, you may trouble.
Also look how many competetor s are there?

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I would research, read, listen to, and watch videos about on-page SEO. Then you scout out backlinks for websites that rank high in the search even if it's not exactly your niche.

Once you have established your list, then you follow them on FB, etc.. drop comments in their blogs, and build up a relationship. Do this with many, after 3+ months you should write a very well-written article (it helps to talk about their business in the article) then you simply ask if you can post the article on their website.

Over time you will have a nice list of places that appreciate your hard work, dedication, and helpful content that not only helps your business but theirs as well.

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DR is meaningless. For local SEO, great content, solid on page and an optimized GBP are more powerful than backlinks. If you insist on backlinks, go to marketers center and order the big citations and a 40 pack of local citations. For around 80 bucks, you'll get 95-100 high authority backlinks.

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Since it is a local business, I think you need sufficient citation/listing for your business popularity. Also you need to do GMB Optimization, Google Map Citation with Direction in your business area radius to increase the visibility of your business. You need to GMB profile updated, use GMB provided free website etc. As a result, potential customers can easily find you online when they search as near me. You will get good results by following the below mentioned process:
  • Please create maximum Maps Citations on Google Maps within business address radius.
  • Provide SEO Driving Directions on Google Maps within business address radius.
  • Must be complete Setup and optimization of Google My Business Page.
  • Use GMB provided free website, setup and update it by regular post by short content, Image & Videos.
  • Please arrange Manual and authentic reviews on your GMB & Citation pages.
  • Start for provide Dofollow Backlinks on that.
  • Now start Business Listings & Bookmarks with NAP.
  • Also start Map embeds backlinks.
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