Are chapter titles important in novels eg fantasy novels? If yes, then why?

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Greetings to you all fellow writers, I have a question disturbing my writing: Are chapter titles important in novels eg fantasy novels, if yes, then why?

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No. I have yet to hear a reader say "I think I'll start with Chapter 16, Another Fine Day. I like that Chapter title".

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Some books have them, some don't. It can be another way of adding a little icing to a book, but if your book has trouble working without chapter titles, you've got bigger problems than chapter titles.

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They can add something, but they aren't needed.
KJ ~

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Chapter titles are always optional. In a series like Song of Ice and Fire it helps because you know which character you are focusing on (as their name is the title of the chapter.) But I will say Fantasy is the one genre where you can go crazy with chapter titles and no one will bat an eye. You can emphasize a plot point, or just highlight how cool some name is, or really play with the mood - like Neil Gaiman when he does fantasy will sometime do something like Chapter 3: In which Titanius travels abroad and a great secret is unearthed. So if the idea appeals to you, go for it. If it doesn't just number them and be done with it.

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Do as you think best. Some writers use chapter titles (I do. I mean, could you resist a chapter called Headless Horseman?) Some don't!

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Important? I would say no. However, I like them. A title can give an idea of what the chapter is about. It can also provide insight into the author's ideology.

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I've found them helpful during my revisions process. I take out chapters that aren't working and add a few to kick the tension up a notch. This has required renumbering my chapters repeatedly and I've lost a few files temporarily. A copy of chapter twelve might change it's number but it's title stays the same and makes it easier to identify.

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I think chapter titles are important in fantasy 'cause it helps the reader understand what's to come. But I also believe that not having a title in the chapter is also not necessary, it helps to have a bit of mystery.
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