I was recently given a Chromebook and I wondered if any of you guys use this for your writing!

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If so, which word processor software do you use/suggest/recommend?

Also, is there any other software/apps I should look into to aid my writing?

I've tried searching online without much success so was looking for personal recommendations.

Thanks everyone.

Post by Jamie »

I just started using LivingWriter and it’s internet based so you should be able to access it on a Chromebook!

Post by Wade »

Word. Only word. All the writing programs, IMHO, are a crutch.

Post by Russell »

For any sort of mobility, Chromebook is the way to go. Lighter than most laptops, and google docs works great for my needs.

Post by Josh »

The Chromebook is a fine device and I often use Google docs (part of Google Drive) to write and store work. It is only problematic if you want a distraction-free device or if you are periodically out of internet contact and want to access files. I use a small Acer Aspire One Netbook with Linux on it and use LibreOffice because I can use it distraction free, offline, and don't have to sign into anything if I don't want to.

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You can use Microsoft Office online for free. It will sync with your desktop versions as well as phone, tablet, Mac, etc..

Post by Mary »

If you want something with more bells and whistles, Dabblewriter works well on a Chromebook. It's a little like an online version of Scrivener.

Post by Rebekah »

I use Google Docs, it saves the document to my tablet then updates the files to the cloud when I get home.

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I bought a chromebook recently as a cheap alternative to a normal laptop (£85 returned as new). As has already been said, it comes with free Google Docs access. Everything hangs off your Gmail account. I mainly use Word on my PC, which is what I'm used to for most of my writing. Not having figured out how to integrate Google Docs documents with Word Docs. I've just been emailing chunks of writing backwards and forwards if I want to work on the same story using my PC in the morning say and the chromebook in the evening. Not perfect, but plenty good enough for what I want.
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