Would you be drawn to read a dystopian work where incest, pedophilia, and all drugs are legal?

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If so, what elements would you look for/want?

Post by Michelle »

I'm sorry but definitely not.

Post by Charlie »

Probably not (though drugs being legal is very different form paedophilia). But it depends. Horrible things are legal in many stories but it's the approach that matters. Are you making a specific commentary? Are you writing from the perspective that these things are okay? I also think it can be a little cheap as someone else has said if you just add them to make it darker.

Post by Aline »

No. Reality already sucks as is. I don’t want my fiction the same way.

Post by Roxy »

I like dystopian, but I have to be selective about which one's I read cause if it's too raw/brutal, it really gets me down. I wouldn't ever be able to read one where paedophilia and all drugs were legal. It'd be too dark for me.

Post by Corrina »

No couldn’t read. I'm all for freedom of speech and artistic freedoms but morality trumps those things for me.

Post by Ryan »

There can be a big difference between those things being legal, and the society lacking the law or justice system to enforce those things as illegal. I think the latter would be an easier pill for an audience to swallow because you can have many characters who don’t have to feel complacent with these acts being the norms. Dystopian societies already involves inherent suffering and or oppression. Also, there are ways to write of this that isn’t the first image as “guy on bath salts rapes 9 year old daughter nightly” and “subsection of society practices arranged marriage cross generationally between cousins” - the second being quite similar to many practices already having occurred in human history. The people in power angle you added in the sub posts don’t require law to be involved. People in power will do what they want regardless of what’s legal.

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Also, we had a local principal here get fired because someone uncovered he wrote some pedophilia material in a fictional story somewhere in his younger days. I would recommend never letting those thoughts even enter your mind let alone written on technology, let alone spread into the world.
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