I just sent in my First book, it was accepted

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I'm so excited to be approved for this FORUMS. I have written my whole life.

I never sent anything in, my punctuation and grammar when it comes to writing is not the best.

Joining this FORUM and hearing from others with experience is exciting.

I just sent in my First book, it was accepted.

I am so excited, who do I get a loan or grant from to pay for all the cost?

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Patty - BEWARE! Publishers do NOT ask for payment. They pay YOU. It's a vanity pub, which is 99.99% scams. They take your money, make promises they don't fulfill, and leave you hanging. Sometimes, you get nothing -not even the book. Other times, they take your book rights w/o you realizing what happened.

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Don’t pay! It’s a scam, but that doesn’t my mean your book isn’t a winner. You just haven’t sent it to the right place.

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Sorry but I don't even think this post is real!

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Sounds like you got scammed. Please don't fall for it. You don't pay. Find an agent get a real publisher. Or self publish.

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If your borrowing to pay someone to publish your work you've not had your book 'accepted' you've walked into a vanity publishing print shop and it's most likely way overcharging promising marketing you wont get. Your better off just getting a printing website to print you a few copies as that's all your going to get from this so-called 'publisher'

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STOP! If they need you to pay to be published, they will accept your book no matter how it’s written; they accept everyone’s book no matter how they are written. Whoever they are they exist only to get as much money out of you as possible. Do not work with them.

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Sounds like you've been hooked into vanity publishing if you're having to pay. Stay well clear, and ignore their glowing comments about your wonderful book they're so excited about. Unfortunately there are any number of scammers out to get your money.

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What company are you using? We're all a bit suspicious because some places prey on new writers and offer them publishing deals for a fee. Usually these are called vanity presses and they're mostly a scam. That doesn't mean your book isn't worth writing but there are no shortcuts to publishing. In the end, you'll pay thousands and get a hundred or so books for your attic with very little marketing. It happens all the time- to lots of new writers. If you share the name of the company here, people will research it for you and give you advice. There are hybrid publishing houses which complicates the issue. Many of them charge a reasonable fee for a specific task- so much for editing, cover design, etc. No one is here to burst your bubble, but if you have a contract, take it to a lawyer to see where the legal pitfalls are. Congratulations on finishing your first book!
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