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At 9 am this morning we had hot and cold water. We now have no water at all in the kitchen, we have cold water in the bathroom but no hot water. The boiler is working and radiators are warm. Has anyone any ideas what the problem might be? There are no issues in our local area with water supply.

Thanking you in advance

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Not saying that this is the case but can be the obvious consequences for not heating homes either at all or not enough in this energy crisis.

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Same here this morning... no water Upstairs and just cold tap downstairs. Also, toilet is filling is not flushing (Everything was working well last night).

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I had same problem some time back. I have a small room heater/fan and aimed that at the pipes, soon did the trick.

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I have no hot water at all I have cold and my heating is working I have used kettle on out side pipe also hair dyer
Jo ~

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We had this first thing today. It was our outside condenser pipe. Boiled the kettle, let it cool for a bit and pour over the pipe. Could hear the frozen water cracking and boiler fired up straight away with hot water.

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Frozen pipe. Same thing happened to me this week. Get the hairdyer on the pipes you can see under the sink. Turn the hot tap on to release pressure.
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