I have kittens and need to de worm them and give them flea treatment

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It's an absolute mine field. Very complicated when I look at it.

I do have a vet but looking at cheapest option.

I will pay whatever I need to but I don't want to waste money either.

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Animed.com or pets drugs online is generally the cheapest. Don't get any thing Bob Martin as cats have died because of those products. Lick e licks are great for getting cats to have worming tablets. All things cats on Facebook is a great none judgemental page for cat owners as well.

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Sell the kittens, you'll make money and save a fortune on vet bills/ insurance/ food/ furniture.

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Take to the vets to get treated, kittens can have bad reactions to non prescribed wormers and flea treatments.

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I used to work as a receptionist/dispensary at a vet. Panacur liquid is for worming and Frontline spray is suitable for young kittens. You'll need to weigh each kitten to get the correct dosage of each medication. Both can be bought over the counter at decent pet shops. To echo other comments, please NEVER use Bob Martin products on any pet. I have no idea why they are still available after all of the deaths they've caused.

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We pay monthly at our vets for our dogs £12.99 ( cats is about £8.99) a month that includes flea treatment, wormer, vaccines, health checks, claw clipping and you get money off other stuff and a few more bits and bobs. 100% better than the cheap spot on rubbish you get from shops.

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Advantage is the only flea treatment I will use now. I bought a Jack Russell puppy and put frontline on him at 12 week's. 4 hours later I rushed him to the vets where I was told he'd had an allergic reaction and his organs were starting to shut down. A huge vet bill later he recovered thankfully. Pets at home do a scheme where you pay £4 a month and they post you the flea and wormer of your choice every month.

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Vets ! Don't treat kittens yourself please . Dosage , strengths and types of medications is paramount to get absolutely right with kittens ( important in adult cats too of course , but especially kittens).

Please don't buy over counter rubbish , it's dangerous.
Jo ~

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Take the kittens to a vet, they have to be weighed before given any treatment, there are many types of worms that need treating, don't by over-the-counter u will be wasting your money.

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Don't buy Bob Martin stuff. Don't buy cheap shop stuff. Vet predcimrived is best and will work.

Otherwise you'll be paying twice. Prinovox is really good.

Kills nearly everything. But you'll need something else for tape worm

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You have to be careful how much flea treatment you use on kittens same with the wormer treatment it goes based on their size and weight. It would be best to take them to vets to avoid complications costing you more later on.

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You can buy advantage flea treatments and drontal worm tablets or panacur exactly the same stuff you get from the vets at pets online UK a lot cheaper then the vets . Give the appropriate doses for their ages, please don't use Johnsons or Bob Martin they don't work and cats have died from these products. If you need to treat the house you can get indorex flea spray at the same place.
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