I Wondered if anyone has any good recommendations for electric radiators/heaters that actually do heat the room!

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Bought our first house last year it’s a lovely old cottage - however it is so expensive to heat! Doesn’t have very good insulation given it’s age. We have a gas hob but No central heating.

We have a log burner in the front room which heats the downstairs nicely and electric heaters on the wall which the previous owners left but it’s so so expensive to use these. They are pretty useless too, the second you turn them off it’s cold again.

They are outdated and I am looking to upgrade them, getting central heating installed isn’t an option due to cost.

I Wondered if anyone has any good recommendations for electric radiators/heaters that actually do heat the room!

Thanks in advance 😀

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They'll all heat the room but will cost a fortune to do so. Is there any insulation improvements you can make.

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Oil filled radaitors i have 4 and they work out at 6.50 a day but I leave them on all day and night.

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Also 4 poster beds back in the dayvwere a thing because it was a smaller area to heat so if you can some curtains or blankets to make a smaller nook around your bed.

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If I've understood correctly you're saying that the electric heaters work but as soon as you turn them off it's cold again. If so then this is an insulation issue rather than the heaters themselves. If they're working, they're working and it's not the heaters job (whatever type) to retain heat if you know what I mean. Bigger or better heaters will pump out more heat whilst switched on but if the property struggles to hold the heat then the result will be the same once switched off.

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I would invest the money on adding insulation. Insulating the loft will make huge difference and is not that expensive.

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We did the same and have done a few things that really help. We have a large curtain, made from a throw, between the kitchen and lounge. The kitchen is now freezing but the rest of the house is much better. We also put insulated foil behind the radiators which seems to have made a difference. Plus we close the curtains early and fold them onto the window sill. Congrats on buying your place.

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Oil filled radiators do a cracking job..

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i would recommend floor length curtains to stop draughty windows. we have open fires and to be honest you need to keep them going with coal, the trouble is with old properties as soon as the fabric of the building gets cold it takes ages to get it warm.

we installed an Aga in ours which keeps the fabric of the building up to temperature and I cook on it too

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put thick curtains up at doors keeps heat in.

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Oil filled radiators definitely. They hold the heat. And having wheels can easily be moved from room to room.

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Oil filled radiator with a thermostat on them are great. They click on and off like central heating would and stay hot for ages after they’re off. We have a small room we use ours in and only need it on for about 15 mins and it’s nice and warm.
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