I'm Currently Buying a DRI Buddy for Winter.. Are They Cheap to Run?

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Can you help me?

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I had one. I would save your money. They aren't good. To dry a couple of polo shirts a tea towel a bath towel and pair of jeans took 14 hours to dry. It's cheaper to take down the laundrette to dry.

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I have a similar one, takes about 90 mins to dry a load. It costs money obviously, but I don't have a dryer to compare it to. Would I be without it, no. And it adds heat to the room also.

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If you can afford it think about buying a dehumidifier instead, it's cheap to run, drys the clothes, warms the room and is small and compact.

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I've had mine a few years now drys clothes well and also warms up the landing nicely to.

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I have one and really rate it. I have stopped using my tumble dryer completely now. I can get most items dry within 90 minutes. I want to get another one. I'm finding it costs about 50p an hour to run.

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Good old Google

The DriBUDDI has a 1200W motor and under the new 34.04p/kWh energy price cap, it would cost 40.84p per hour to run (1.2 x 34.04), while a 2500W tumble dryer would cost 85.1p per hour to run (2.5 x 34.04).8 Nov 2022

We Absolutely love ours hubby puts it on timer so it comes on early Morning ( economy 7 currently 19.9p) warms living room up for breakfasts.

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I had one, takes about 2 hours to dry a small load. My little 3kg tumble drier will do the same amount in 40 mins, so for me, the drier is cheaper.

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I never really figured out how much it was to run. My experience was not too positive to be honest. But I needed it and so it served its purpose. I preferred the pulley that had to give up on it when I redesigned the kitchen. I also found it a bit noisy, but that was 10 years ago so maybe they are better now. I was concerned about cost to run and partially dried on clothes horse for a bit before loading up.

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Don’t bother - they take hours and hours to dry clothes and cause awful condensation (you’d need to keep window open wide in this cold).

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Always worth doing the calculations against your specific tumble dryer as someone was using a heated airer which cost 12 pr hr to run and took 8 to dry a load so 86 p.

My dryer can on a cool setting dry a full load in less than an hour and costs me 50p an hour and it also means I don’t have damp washing drying round the house.

Not sure the dehumidifiers work out much cheaper either when you do the maths.

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You would be better off just buying a dehumidifier and putting your washing on a maiden. They are cheap to run too.. and highly recommended.

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blyss dehumidifier.. screwfix £143.99 + clothes airer (had mine from dunelm £15.).absolutely brilliant for clothes drying..
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