Wonder if anyone can help I am on smart meter and these are my tariffs

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Electric.. rate 1 first 2kw used per day =57.9621p. Rate 2 for rest of usage. =33.25245p

Gas…rate 1. First 2kw used =29.4273pRate 2...10.74465p

Average electric usage per day is … 15/20kw

Average gas usage per day is…70/85kw per day

It’s costing me over £10 a day for my gas does this sound right

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Same as me my gas is 10 a day for a 3 bed house. That's having the heating on for couple of hours in the morning and couple in the evening. I was paying £35 a week for both for years, now it's £100. Prepayment meters.

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Think you must be with Utilita, who load the first 2 units rather than charge a standing charge.

Cost of units after the first 2 units is about right.

I have my gas right down to about 14 degrees, just takes the chill off.

Only been using for about 10 days, and have used about 8 units, per a day, but there is a long conversation from gas units to kW, and it looks like my gas per a day will be about £8.

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Ouch, that's very high, my electric usage when we were a household of 4 was average 7 units a day. Gas maybe 70 kwh in very very cold weather.

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That works out at £300 a month how long do you have heating on for have you turned your bioler on to ecko turned the flow down to 60 we have ours on for 4 hours a day our gas bill this month was £124.

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Yeah sounds right. We're using around 40kw a day and that's costing us £6-8 a day. Your using nearly double so its about right.
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