What are some of your favorite frugal/money saving tips?

This board has been created to share any money saving ideas, tips and hints. Please contribute your thoughts so everybody can economise on their budgets.. This is NOT a selling site.

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Help me, please.

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Ignore marketing emails and emails offers targeting you. If you don’t need it, then don’t buy it

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Research...shop around.

Home bargains I've found is best for cleaning products. Aldi for groceries, just don't go with a list, their products change daily. Local for fruit and veg, you can buy exactly the amount you need.

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Freeze everything that can make a meal another day, even for 1.Rice especially.

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Take your own dinner to work with you.

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We boil a full kettle once in the morning and put what we don’t need in a flask. Can easily reheat a cup full in the microwave for a cuppa later in the day. I’ve started turning the washing machine down from 40o to 30o. Pre plan cooking and fill the oven when you’re switching it on. eg. Pop in some potatoes to bake which can be reheated in the microwave for dinner next day, or roast veg such as carrots or cauliflower rather than boiling them so you’re only using one heat sauce. And NEVER buy ice cream from a kiosk in the summer, find the nearest convenience store and buy a box of them from the freezer department.

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Use gym showers ,go to gym it's warm.

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Unless you were going to buy it you aren't saving a thing.

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Change your light bubbles to LED it save on esb bill.

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I was wasting a lot of milk. So now I buy large bag of dried milk and make up and keep in small 750ml bottle. I use passata bottle so it feels nostalgic like having in an old milk bottle.

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Don’t buy anything you don’t really need.

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Ditch your tumble dryer, invest in a dehumidifier only heat the rooms you use, only put heating on when you need to, ditch the oven use an air fryer.

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If you have children put a jug over the hot tap they will use the cold instead of moving the jug.

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When your shampoo / conditioner running low add water and swish around get a few more washes out of them.

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If your nipping to the shops for basics like milk and bread leave your purse and home and just keep a fiver in your phone case. You can't spend what you don't need too then.

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When making anything with mince spaghetti Bol / chilli / cottage pie etc etc cut down on the mince and use lentils instead. Wish I’d have known this when my kids were little. Makes no difference to the flavour and the mince goes twice as far.
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