Anybody use Utility Warehouse?

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I got keys to new house 2nd Dec. Inherited the old type pre pay gas and electric meters. Had to have them out twice so far to put emergency credit on as they still haven’t sent out top up card/pen. Losing the will as every time I phone I get conflicting advice! All I want is for them to put normal meters in.

But am I jumping the hun? Anyone else on pre payment meters find they are too expensive? One of the engineers that came out said he preferred them as he can keeps tabs on spend.

Grateful for your thoughts.

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I would never have prepayment meters, energy already expensive enough without the extra cost of higher rates and the faff of topping up, running out when I'm away or at work. No thanks.

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Personally been on prepayment for 20 of the 21 years I’ve lived in my own home. The 1 year we were on direct debit quartet payments I somehow racked up £800 debt as I just couldn’t catch up with paying the extra payments on top of the normal amount. So personally I prefer prepayment, no debt, I know how much I’m using and when to cut back and Ibh I know people in this group especially will tell you that it’s more expensive to have them (it is) the £60 extra a year I pay is sooo worth not having the stress of utility companies dictating how much I have to pay or messing about sending monthly readings so I only pay the correct amount. To put it into perspective on prepayment, with British Gas and on a smart metre (so 3 of the apparent most expensive) we top up £150 a month - combined and on my sons ashes we are not cold and are not topping up more than that. When we looked to see if direct debit would work out cheaper we were being quoted over £400 a month combined. Not suggesting everyone will have it that easy I know we are lucky, the house is reasonably insulated and it’s a small 2 bed home. So that £60 a year extra it costs me to have prepayment is over 3/4s cheaper than some people on direct debit have been saying theirs is. I wouldn’t personally change back now unless they paid the bills. Re utility warehouse I don’t rate them personally, their customer service was awful and couldn’t wait to go back to British Gas.

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I've had pre payment meters for years yes u pay bit more for ur energy but I don't notice it being expensive I'm on elec pre payment now and quarterley on gas and I find that expensive utilita warehouse is rubbish I had british gas pre payments went over to smart meters with utilita and was putting in 5 to 10pounds a week more per meter and I was using less.
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