Works for us and saves gas

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Not in the slightest authentic but.. When boiling pasta, get the water to a rolling boil (lid on), plop the pasta in and once it's boiling furiously again give it 2 minutes. Turn it off and leave it in the water with the lid on for at least 10 mins.. Works for us and saves gas.

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I’ve started turning off earlier and letting it cook this way. Every little bit helps.

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Once its switched off put a plate on the top and it will continue cooking by itself. Couscous is the same - add the boiling water, fork through, put the lid on the pan and let it steam by itself.

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Also soak pasta for a while, takes even l less time to cook.

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Been doing similar for over 40 years 😂🤣 but don't do the additional 2 min boil. Just bring it to the boil with the pasta in it, lid on/turn off power and leave. I find it quicker and cheaper to boil water in the kettle too… correct amount of course.
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