Anyone else with bulb and just had an email to say unit prices going up again in Jan 23?

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Thought they were fixed for 6 months as part of the government?

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As far as I understand from posts I’ve seen the price is increasing overall but the government will cover that increase ( except a small amount for certain types of supply ) basically I’m expecting my dd to remain the same until the start of April. I could be wrong or things changed yet again.
Jo ~

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Time to stop payments and stand up to this together.

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Had one from ovo rates are going up January

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My email said the electric rates were going down.

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Offgem who constantly critise the energy companies are the ones that are putting them up. Have it out with them with a petition.

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Ofgem is increasing prices every 3 months. This time next yr it'll be around £6k a year. If not more. Gov need to cap it like they used too. Monthly dd will cost more than a mortgage payment.
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