My washing machine water is coming out of my sink and overflowing out of the sink!

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What could this be please and any easy ways of sorting this please?

I don’t have no bottom but on my washing machine at the front to drain out.


Post by Samantha »

Pipe blockage. Try putting bucket under sink and opening trap pipe give it a good clean should sort problem. If not could be frozen outside pipe.

Post by Beverley »

Your drain is blocked. It happened to us last weekend. Running the shower upstairs and it was coming through the sink in the downstairs loo (connected soil stack). They put a camera in the drain and there was a plant (like moss matting) growing in there. That’s been removed and we now need a patch to repair the fractured pipe.

Post by Hayley »

Try taking off and clearing out ur u-bend under the sink. If that is clear it will be a blocked pipe outside. Wouldn't imagine that to be the case tho as usually an inlet pipe that would freeze as it has water in it. I had it once as teenager n it was the u-bend. Wasn't thinking about fat concealing from frying pan etc. Never will make that mistake again lol. Fix quick tho cos all the dirty dish water goes into the machine also.
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