According to EON next we are using over 200 more KWH a month

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Can anybody help or make sense of our situation? In August we used electricity without thought using 3 fans to keep the family cool during the night. Come November because of the price rise we have started turning sockets off during the night.

According to EON next we are using over 200 more KWH a month.

We have argued with them and told them we are most definitely not. They say there is a charge for someone to come out to check the meters of £200 but it’s not money we have spare this time of year. According to them for a 3 bed end terraced it cost us nearly £250 for the month just in electricity surely this can’t be right when we are actually turning plug sockets of during the night as to comparing to summer where we don’t really care about the KWH we were using. any advice on what to do?

Thank You in advance.

Post by Becky »

You also have to take into consideration you are using lights on an evening now which you wouldn’t have been during the summer months unless you are sat in candle light. 200kwh a month sounds reasonable but the bill doesn’t we use over 300kwh a month and ours isn’t 200kwh on electricity at 45p per kWh is only £90 standing charge it’s probably around about £15 so you either aren’t jsut using 200kwh or your bill is wrong unless it’s gas to.

Post by Becca »

Most things are used more in the winter tbf. Heating for one, lights, electronic devices because you're not outdoors as much... so it could be right. No idea and I'm convinced they just make it all up anyway until someone challenges them!

Post by Bex »

Electric usage is usually higher in winter months, lights on longer, washing machine using a lot more electric to heat water because the starting temp is lower, same for an electric shower and your kettle.

Electric fans very little electric.

(Our august and September usage was about 370kwh per month, November was 450kwh (and we’ve been really careful to reduce our usage since October).)

Does your online account show a breakdown of usage from your smart meter? Can you see if it suddenly jumped up from a particular day? Could be a faulty appliance.

Post by Caroline »

I read my meter every month, and £250 sounds about right. I also turn off sockets, don't use the tumble dryer or dishwasher, etc etc. It's getting ridiculous.

Post by Leonie »

We are all being robbed left right and centre.

Post by Karen »

It’s difficult to know really because to me it sounds like you are using a lot of electricity, but going by other posts I’ve seen on here, you aren’t. It really depends on what you have running. ALL our sockets except wifi and landline are off if something isn’t being used, not just at night. We’ve cut our electricity by 1/3 compared to this time last year. We are also using less than half the gas we were this time last year and that’s including this extremely cold week when we’ve had the heating on pretty much constantly (we leave it on low).

I’d check your meter yourself and see vomit a reading. Compare it to what you were using this time last year, you can’t really compare a summer month with a colder one.

Post by Bizzy »

All the energy companies have rigged our meaters to run faster and use more money secondly we do not pay for an enginwer to read our meaters as they belong to our energy companies unless you own your own meter that you paid for...its down to them to maintain and read there meters free of charge the charge is taken off your meter over night ie £37p this is a stnding charge this includes the reading and maintanence.

Post by Stacey »

Also depends on what tariff you were on in August vs now, if you were on standard variable then and now, price has gone up considerably in Oct so whilst you may have lowered your consumption, you may not see the benefit. Whilst lights don't cost much to run, with the darker nights id imagine you'd have them on more too. As other people have said it also depends on whether previous or current consumption is based on estimates too.

Post by Laura »

would need to know a lot more information - were the summer and winter information based on estimates or actual figures? What other things do you use that require electricity? Are you tumble drying clothes? Do you have any electric heaters? Are you using your hob/oven/kettle more in the winter? You will certainly be using more lights at this time of year, but its really things associated with heating that use most electricity.

Post by Zara »

Wow I'm with eon next 3 bed house, both kids have TV in there room an one got a gaming pc. I use a dish washer an dryer. Electric oven. An no one knows how turn a light or anything off this house I'm paying around 70pm.
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