Give me your budget warm life hacks on a student loan

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My daughter is a uni student, she rents a flat in Liverpool that is only single glazed, it has one radiator in the bathroom off the central heating & a couple of electric heaters to plug in, unfortunately she's on a key meter so it's expensive to run the heaters they use loads of electric, but they don't heat the room.

So, please give me your budget warm life hacks on a student loan please

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She needs a new flat.

It's 2022 and there are absolutely no excuses for no central heating.

Report to student accommodation and try to find a place that has minimum health and safety standards.

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Has she got thick curtains to keep as much heat in as possible with it being single glazed?

Hot water bottle will at least help keep her warm which is the most important thing.

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Oodie is my best investment this year! I am toasty along with my fleece lined socks. No heating needed.

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Loads of Layers, thermals, fingerless gloves? Those really long hot water bottles to wrap around your neck or legs or not put into bed. I live in my dressing gown but obviously you can get those oodies or whatever they are called!

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They say warm the person not the room so I’ve invested in a couple of heated throws. I still have the heating on a bit in the morning and night but when I’m chillin out I put the throw over me and I’m toasty. If she’s studying it would be ideal to drape over her shoulders.

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Get her some oil filled radiators or a convector heater to use as and when she needs it. The room wont hold the heat as its single glazed. But at least the heaters are cheaper than what provided. You'll also find the convector heaters dry the air a bit in the room, taking away some of the dampness and condensation.
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