My daughter is learning to drive with her test in February

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At the moment she has her own insurance to practice in my car with me.

We are getting her a car of her own for Christmas is it better to have it in her name with her insurance or in my name with her insurance - so confused.

Thank you everyone for all your advice - love you guys.

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It better if they have they insurance with unnamed driver as I did other way police stop my son say he. Pinch car as came up lady driver they had phone my ask if given himmpermission drive car I fuming said he insured on car but main register is me.

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My 17-year-old son passed in September. He has been given my 62 plate astra, the car is in my husband's name as we had it from new so still under warranty but the insurance, I have put in his name with myself as a named driver. Insurance with black box was £896 for the year fully comp. We also have put in a dash cam for extra support. He needs to build his own no claims for the future to reduce his insurance with being a young driver.

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My son has an insurance policy that covers him on his car with a provisional license obviously he needs someone sat with him when he is driving and when he passes he just informs them me and his dad are named drivers on the policy good luck.

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Car in your name, insurance in your name with daughter as a named driver. Some insurance companies allow the named driver to "earn" no claims too, so when it's time for them to go their own way etc they've earned reductions.

If the car is in her name, insurance needs to be in her name too BUT it can be more expensive.

I'd advise online quotes and calling round to get proper quotes for your own personal circumstances, checking the differences between you being the owner and her being the owner (is your daughter 17 or 30? Do you have points or bans recently? Will the car be in the same place nomatter who "owns" the car/policy...tiny details can make a big difference in cost and only the companies can say which may be cheaper for your situation).

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By law if she is the main driver it has to be in her name.

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The car & insurance should both be in her name, but add you onto her insurance as a named driver.

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In het name! It's fronting otherwise and you eont be covered properly. Please be careful when asking for advice on Facebook as you get some bs responses!

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In her name, insurers know that it’s put in the parents name to make it cheaper which doesn’t always work out. That’s also called fronting and claims could be invalid if they found this to be the case. The sooner it’s in your daughters name the sooner she’ll start to earn no claims bonus too…

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her own name. if she has an accident ect I believe it can effect your no claims ect. I had my own for my first car and for learning, it was all in my own name, taxed in my name and paid from my bank ect. If anything wasn't right it was my responsibility and has taught me to make sure all is well with my own car.

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Put it in her name and add yourself as a named driver, that should lower the cost but also allows her to build no claims.

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If your looking for cheapest run a few quotes 1 with you as owner and main driver and her extra driver and 1 with her as main driver and her car you should get a fewvquotes back then be able to decide.

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So, when I passed my test. My car was in my partners name (we shared the car anyway) & I was put as a named driver on his insurance.

I am still a named driver & not a main driver on the insurance as it bought the cost down majorly doing it that way.

I know when my partner passed his test his car was in his mums name & he was a named driver on her insurance too.
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