How does Santa lay out the kids Xmas presents on Xmas eve to avoid kids comparing sizes and number of Xmas presents?

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Each kid has their presents wrapped in their own wrapping paper so to identify what presents belong to which kid. Previous years, each child would have a bundle each but now the older child has a lot smaller presents than the younger kid.

So, the older kid may feel they don't have as many only because they take up less space.

Thank-you in advance.

Post by Louise »

I don't know. He's never shown up at our house. Kids are gutted every year and I have to sort it out myself. Proper beginning to think Santa is ignoring us on purpose.

Post by Kate »

My kids don't get separate paper, never have. All presents mixed under the tree and handed out 1x1. Some have more than others but I don't believe in everyone getting the same number, so long as thw cost is about the same thats all that matters (in my eyes). Older kids know things cost more that come in smaller package so habe never asked either.

Post by Emma »

Each kid is brought up to be grateful for what they have and that I spend roughly the same on each. Comparing sizes of presents or who has more/less results in a thick ear.

Post by Shelby »

Parents really think way too much into things these days.

Post by Aimee »

All ours were mixed and someone sat on the floor and we handed them out one at a time so we could appreciate what everyone was given.

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Sorry but this whole comparing size thing is ridiculous. A box of something is always going to look bigger than a computer game that might cost more.

Kids should learn the value of gifts.

Post by Pretoria »

I only have 1 child we just bundle everyone's around the tree and they have tags but when I lived with my mum growing up there was 5 of us, so we again bundled them all around the tree and my mum sat near the tree and gave them out (dad was also surprised at what we got😂😂) even other people's that didn't live with us were under the tree and we got 1 main present and little ones and my mum does a budget so everyone gets the same spent and we knew that so no worries over big or smaller etc,

Post by Beck »

I don’t get posts like this.. can’t you just do it your way, the way you’ve probably done it for years without the need to ask strangers.. everyone does it differently so do it the way you think is best! I’m not being horrible and I’m sorry if it comes across that way, but literally every household is different, you do you! I’m sure they won’t even question it on the day!

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In our house Santa brings one (under £20)present wrapped in red paper which sits at the front of the other presents that have been launched under the tree in mixed match paper collected from over the years. Infront of it the stocking with £1 junk, chocolate and fidget things in. My oldest and youngest both know that the amount/size of presents from myself and husband maybe be smaller or larger depending on what they cost. My daughter may have 2 barbie presents to the cost of £40 but my son 1 game as his cost £40 for example.

Post by Lucy »

Easy in our house! Santa only brings 1 main present and a stocking to my children! So, no comparing in our house. I have always done it this way as I always explain that Santa has to bring gifts to every single child, and he can o only fit 1 each in his sleigh! Mummy and daddy buy the rest.

Post by Emma »

I have a 16-year-old and twin 5 year olds. Their pile is huge compared to his. But he is a big boy who understands he has had his years of big piles and his small pile costs a small fortune.

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Is this even a question? As a kid I was never even comparing to my brother. I was focused on if I got what I wanted rather than the size or value.

I feel it's just parents making up possible scenarios that are not even happening and kids don't give a wink about that.

I don't even spend same amount of money on my girls. Because it's obvious a 10yo would be a bit more expensive than a 5yo even if a pile is smaller. Does not mean I love one of them more or less
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