Does everyone do gifts for teachers?

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Just a question... Very interested to hear personal views on this.

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As a teacher I wouldn’t expect a gift. I love it when the kids give me a handmade card, bookmark or drawing!

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No present but do give cards, I do the end of school year gifts tho..

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One child’s school generally has a helpful parent who harnesses those of us who want to do a joint effort and then the often end up with a gift voucher of decent value, a good bottle of something etc.

My other son goes to a SEN school and it’s harder as there are normally 5 or so staff to 8 people. Last year I made a little lucky dip gift back with nail polishes, moisturisers, diaries etc (still came to about £30!). This year I done M&S tons of shortbread for those who work most with him.

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I always have done, but this year, the school requested we made donations to the food banks instead.

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Not at Christmas no I personally really don't understand the whole teacher gifts at Christmas thing teacher gifts are for end of term in July in my opinion but each to their own.

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Yes. The kids like to gift to people they care about and we are fortunate to be able to afford to so we gift to all their teachers and TAs. The kids always get involved in the presents so it's really from them.

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At the end of the year, I give a gift voucher to each individual adult (for their help for the year) but at Christmas a homemade card and a sharing gift is what we do (this year a box of fruit, herbal and normal tea bags for the staffroom) as a token and to wish them Merry Christmas. I think a card is the most important thing a child can give, and a few words of thanks.

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Yes but collectively so we can get the teacher and TAs something really nice. Our class rep who organises this does an amazing job! We also contribute to a collection for the cleaning staff and MDSAs etc and Head who usually get missed.

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I bought a big box of nice cookies from Costco and a thank you/merry Christmas card and asked them to put it in the staff room to share. I have 4 kids so I didn’t want to worry too much about, but I did want to show them that appreciate their work.
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