Being a mum. Being Santa. And being the naughty elves is so extremely exhausting sometimes

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I love Christmas. But I can't wait till the week after so we can relax.

Don't have to rush anywhere. Or do anything and so I can just breath again.

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I keep ours pretty simple and I still find it too much! I've come to hate it and find it all pretty pointless unless you're religious, which we aren't. I do it for the kids as society rams it down everyone's throat. Otherwise I'd happily let it pass me by.

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Part of me feels REALLY guilty I don’t do the elves …. But another part of me is really glad!

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I feel you're pain. December, even November planning is Always so stressful. Although I don't help myself. I just want everything to be perfect and make as many happy memories as possible while they Still believe. Even if that means only having 4/5 hours sleep a night. But I should keep telling myself it doesn't matter if something doesn't go to plan it's not the end of the world. But yet still I majorly stress if it does.

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Said every mum everywhere. Totally agree, such a relief when the shops shut.

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This is not what Christmas used to be about tho!! It’s a shame Christmas has become this sort of competition between everyone competing against eachother and doing things just because others are doing it and feeling bad because they want to do the maximum for their kids.

Sometimes we stress so much and overwhelm our selfs that we forget to enjoy . I’ve come to realise the simpler any celebration is the more chance u actually have of enjoying. Christmas or any festive celebration shouldnt make u feel that u can’t wait to get it out the way so u can just relax, honestly try to relax during it by not doing the unnecessary stuff like hot chocolate stations and the whole elf thing and Christmas Eve boxes and stockings and all of that new stuff that we never did in our days. If u can do it fine, if u can’t then u shouldn’t have to stress to do it. And kids need to understand they can’t have it all every single year. I do that with my son on his birthday. Not every year has to be big and he knows that

From a parent that believes in you!

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This is the best bit of Christmas, the building excitement, the never ending wonder on my girls faces, rushing downstairs every morning to see what the elves have got up too, the school activities and everything else! The only thing I’d change is not having to work full time but then again if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to do all the things we do with our girls.

Meant to say this is the bit I love the most but appreciate it’s not the same for everybody else.

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Schools don't help do they? Haha. Nativities, discos, days out, Carol concerts, reindeer runs, jumper day, Christmas dinner day etc... I mean I do love it all, but it gets to the point where you don't know if coming or going.
Jo ~

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Could of wrote this myself but wouldn't change it for the world because one day this will all stop.

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I 100% agree for me I feel like I always have 2 make it up for both parents as I don’t wanna feel like a failer but I really struggle Xmas day trying 2 be an octopus and then doing dinner and trying 2 sit and enjoy my time with the kids it’s a lot by 6 clock I’m ready for bed 😂 I do love Christmas but I love the family time the most the memories we make 2gether and knowing I do it all on my own is the greatest reward 2bh! Merry Christmas 2 u and happy new year!

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This is one of the reasons I'm never doing the elves thing. I'm totally shattered, feeling so sleepy by the time it gets to 1400, struggling to get out of bed. I'm just so tired!

It's all the Dec events at school, shows, parties which days are non school uniform Christmas jumper day, pe days urgh my brain feels fried at remembering everything.

I've got chronic health conditions too so that adds to my fatigue. I try to be organised each year and get shopping done from aug-oct, wrapping done in Nov then it's just the mental load of keeping everything and everyone organised in Dec whilst looking after my 3 SEND children who can't remember things for themselves and can struggle with sudden changes. It's A LOT! I'm glad they are home now for holidays and I can rest this week mostly!
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