I’m looking for advice on what to do if your other half decided force feeding is OK to do to your 2 year old?

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I thought he had heard me when we talked the other day and that he agreed with me about not force feeding but today I walked in on him force feeding dinner to our 2 year old.

I don’t want to argue and I know he means well but I don’t want him doing this.

Last time I spoke to him about not doing it he said if our boy didn’t want it he would spit it out and he doesn’t mind being the bad guy if it means our boy eats.

I am just worried he’s gonna make our son worse!

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Unfortunately it DOES make them have a fear of eating ( they might think everytime they don't want to try something or don't like it) they will be forced. We tried this with our 23month old and for 2 weeks he was stuck on only snacks he knew and had to see the packet it came out of. So we try give him a bite and if he pushes me or food away I stop and give him something I know he will eat.

Its gotten better with him trying new things, not always eating it all or sometimes only having a bite and hes done but atleast he tried it. And it takes so many times trying the same food before actually deciding whether they like it or not.
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